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Meet Jordan

Jordan Shear is a third-year student at Queen’s University, studying Economics. Jordan has a passion for entrepreneurship and startups. His most successful business is Shearmonize Auto Detailing, originally pursed by his father, Jeffrey, when he was a kid. Jeffrey taught Jordan everything he knows about the industry and gave him the inspiration to re-introduce the company in 2016. Shearmonize capitalizes on its convenience, offering pick-up/drop-off and the ability to come right to you! Given their expertise and high-quality products, they are able to deliver professional results at an affordable cost.

Acquiring a Partner

During the summer of 2016, Jordan hired a good friend and soon-partner, Adam Haber. They decided to partner this past year, as they looked to expand the scope of their business and take on two new employees. After training these employees, they provided them with the materials and support, as well as clientele, to kick start their summer gig.

Biggest Challenge

The high-quality standards that Shearmonize strives on were met with a challenge during their efforts to expand. They found that when you hire and train employees it's very difficult to maintain these high standards as it’s no longer solely in your hands. There are crucial skills and attributes necessary of a Shearmonize employee that unfortunately not everyone has, such as attention to detail, perfectionism, and a strong work ethic. Car detailing is by no means a simple job, and there is lots of trust and reliability placed on you when handling client’s cars.

Future Goals

Shearmonize has always been a seasonal business that only operates during the spring/summer months. Jordan and Adam are both unsure of the future of the business; however, they’ve both imagined Shearmonize as a company that can provide summer job opportunities to like-minded student entrepreneurs looking to run their own business. The challenges that face them are maintaining quality standards under the Shearmonize name at a larger scale.

Check them out @shearmonize on Instagram to see some of the work they’ve done!




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