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Meet Jade

Jade Buckley is currently in her third year of the Commerce program at Queen’s University. Two summers ago, she founded her own art company, Jade Buckley Art (JBA). We sat down and talked to Jade about her journey building Jade Buckley Art and her plans for the future! This is what she had to say…

The Inspiration

I have always been passionate about creating art. It all began in grade 12 during my AP fine art class - where we had to create 10-15 pieces and host an art exhibit in a classroom. I instead saw the opportunity and took the initiative to contact different cafes with my portfolio of work. I was able to hang all of my art in Kerr Street Cafe for 1 month, with a full opening night dedicated to my art exhibit. I ended up selling all of my pieces. I also saw a huge increase in different individuals and businesses contacting me, wondering if I did custom paintings.

The Big Idea

Choosing between Commerce and Fine art was one of my biggest challenges, especially after seeing the success I had coming out of high school. I promised that in the summers I would dedicate some of my time to this "other side of my brain". By testing the waters in my first summer, and only having JBA run part-time, I was able to measure my success while also having a back-up plan. I never really planned to take it full time, until I was forced to with all of the custom piece requests I was receiving. The big idea for my company was turning my passion into a business and finding that pivotal point between the world of commerce and fine art.

Biggest Challenge

The biggest challenge I faced when starting the company was this concept of "the unknown". As an entrepreneur, it is difficult to see where to start. I had so many different ideas and concepts that I wanted to see come to fruition, it almost became overwhelming. In order to overcome this challenge, I created an overriding calendar for the summer - including different financial targets I wanted to meet, marketing strategies, customer service initiatives, and unique partnerships.

Goals for the Future

Unfortunately, I am unable to paint large canvas while studying at school, however, I have maintained all of my relationships with clients and have a packed commissions list lined up for this upcoming summer. I will continue to also make sure that art is in my life. As for now, I have continued to build the company and expand my platform and network through Distressed Denim - a hand-painted jean jacket company that I am able to run at school.

Check out Jade’s newest company (Distressed Denim): https://distressed-denim-co.myshopify.com

Challenging my passion in the arts has enabled me to develop new skills and explore mediums that have enhanced my artistic abilities. My intention as an artist is to create a new perspective for the viewer to adopt, by changing the focal points and simultaneously strengthening my unique style. Following the creative process has allowed me to generate ideas, explore and learn new mediums, display and present my art, and reflect on the entire artistic journey. I have grown as an artist through the experiences I have had while creating each piece, pushing my imagination and discovering new concepts and ideas. My most powerful pieces are the subjects that I am able to relate to from real-life experiences. Whether the subject is dark or light, going through the process of telling a story provides clarity and a sense of healing that is projected onto its audience. I often adapt this and will continue to do so, by resorting back to personal experiences to create projects that are derived from familiarities in life.

Here’s a look at some of her amazing art!

To check out more of her art, follow Jade on Instagram! → @jade.buckley.art



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