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Meet Aaliyan

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

Aaliyan Khan is a 2nd year student at Queen’s University Smith School of Business. In 2017, Aaliyan founded the company The Positivity Project that aims to spread positivity around the world by delivering custom hand-written cards.

Find a Problem, Create a Solution

The idea dawned on Aaliyan in early 2017 when he found himself in a tough position. Aaliyan had a friend on the other side of the country who was suffering from mental illness; he wanted to make a direct impact that would help his friend but struggled to find a reasonable option. Aaliyan ended up writing a hand-written card to his friend and going through a tedious, expensive, and confusing process to get it delivered. Aaliyan wanted to make it easier for people to spread positivity around the world through direct impact. It was from this moment of revelation that The Positivity Projectwas born.

Build a Steady Foundation

Within 4-5 months, Aaliyan created an e-commerce store where you can purchase hand-written letters and customize them with a positive message. With the help of a couple thousand dollars from the Ontario Government, Aaliyan launched The Positivity Project in September of 2017.

Develop a Company People Want to Support

Initially, Aaliyan relied on word-of-mouth to help the company grow. He quickly realized that in order to have the greatest reach he needed to become more involved with the community his company would impact. Aaliyan decided to have several proceeds from profit made to go to different local and national charities in order to inspire individuals to pursue their entrepreneurial ambitions. By getting involved in the community, word of the company spread like wildfire. “I noticed a lot of people believed in change, like I did,” Aaliyan commented as he realized interest in the company was developing.

The Result of Positivity

Soon after word began to spread, Aaliyan was contacted by the WE Charity, a social enterprise that enables people to do good through their everyday choices. WE Charity awarded Aaliyan with their “WE Are Social Innovators” award, which was presented to him at WE Day Toronto in front of thousands of people. This opportunity affirmed Aaliyan’s beliefs in his company, and he still remains closely associated with WE Charity today.

Always Look Forward

This upcoming September, Aaliyan plans to relaunch his company with a fully customizable structure. He recently brought 7 other students on board to assist with the heavy work-load that this project entails. The company plans on launching a new website that allows for full customization of your card, from the picture on the front, all the way down to replication of customers handwriting. Alongside the website will be a strong social media platform and a diverse portfolio of charities that the company plans on donating to. With this relaunch, Aaliyan hopes to create a further impact on the world by spreading endless positivity.

To learn more about The Positivity Project visit their website:




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