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Updated: Oct 6, 2019

Introducing Students with Startups - a blog for students by students.

The Big Idea

Students with Startups is a platform for student entrepreneurs to share and advocate for their ventures, as well as seek out fellow students and support. Today, students are more innovative than ever, being hustlers and working harder than generations before. As the job search for undergraduate students becomes more saturated than ever before, students must go above and beyond to set themselves apart from other candidates. Students with Startups offers a platform for undergraduate student entrepreneurs across Canada to share their start-up experiences. This blog will feature the top student entrepreneurs in the country and how they have made a name for themselves in the business world.

Each post will put a different student in the spotlight by highlighting what their big idea is, how they started it, the success they have seen, and where they see themselves moving in the future. Additionally, it will also allow for the student being highlighted to leverage our platform in return by including calls to action for the readers to offer feedback or join the student’s initiative based on what type of help the student in seeking.

The blog will not only act as an inspiration for fellow students but act as a means for student entrepreneurs to connect with one another for collaboration opportunities. Furthermore, as students in Queen's Commerce's Channels & Internet Marketing course begin to develop their own startups, Students with Startups will allow for the top entrepreneurs of the class to be propelled into the spotlight. We hope you enjoy reading about the featured students and connect with like minded individuals!

- Ashley, Kassandra & Nicole



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